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About Me


I am Miklós Hoffer. I started dancing Argentine tango
in 2003 at the year of 30. Since then this passion has become a part of my life. One of my fellow dance partners started my career as a masseur.
Since 2006, I regurarly give
Lomi-Lomi massage therapies. Lomi-Lomi is an ancient Polinesian massage technique originating from Hawaii, in which treating the feet is an essential part.
To broaden my knowledge in the field, I have attended several courses regarding
massage therapy, including a Maorian class covering the basics of the anatomy of joints.
Since 2013, I am also a
certificated medical masseur.
Since I have been working for Hölgyválasz dance
studio (2006), I have the opportunity to treat
dancers on a daily basis.


This is how they sum up their experience:
I really like that calming, soothing, reassuring positive
energy that I always find by Miklós when I drop by for a massage. It is
good for my body and also for my soul."

„… I highly appreciate when a masseur is paying this
much attention to their patients. I’m thinking not
only of creating the atmosphere and providing the
music that sets you in the mood but also carefully
watching every little movement and reaction of your
body. He was working exactly on those
problematic spots that were bugging me for a long time.”

”Miklós provides a pleasant, intimate, from-head-to-toe
relaxing experience. For me, his gestures are
like the waves caressing and pushing my body
as I’m lying in the shallow water on the beach.
It is a really pleasing sensation and most importantly
I feel completely safe in the hands of the therapist”